About Me

 Cheryl’s BackgroundCheryl Phillips

I use my intuitive skills as a Soul centered psychic, my background as a nurse, over 45 years of training in the psychic arts, energy medicine, and my Shamanic experience when I work with you. I can look at the “big picture” of your Soul’s journey, not only in this lifetime but from the many you have lived in other times and other places. I also connect with your spirit guides who have supported you throughout your many lives. They work for your growth and evolution of your Soul. Valuable information will be revealed during this process that will help you understand and improve your life today and for your future.
I began my journey into the Intuitive Arts in 1970. I started my intuitive counseling and healing practice in Denver, Colorado at the Institute for Humanity in 1975. I worked with my brother and his partner in the Controversial Bookstore from 1976-78.
I am including all the centers I have been associated with. Through all those years I changed my phone number many times and many of my clients have lost track of me. It is easy to find someone in today’s world with the internet, back then there was no such thing. Having technology today is a blessing in so many ways.

I have had an office in many of the Metaphysical Centers in San Diego:

La Mesa Parapsychology Center, La Mesa, owned by Chuck Saunders (1976-78).
American Holistic Church and Metaphysical Center, San Diego, owned by Arthur Johnson (1980 -81).
San Diego Parapsychology Center, San Diego, owned by Helen Bailey (1982-83).

Agoraphobic Center, owned by Fred Stemen, La Mesa (1984-87).
I owned my own center called Awareness Horizon, La Mesa (1988).
Inner Journey Bookstore and Center, El Cajon, owned by Kay Schnell and Bev Parsons (1988-90).
Inner Journey Bookstore, El Cajon, owned by Glenda Edwards and Brenda Riordan (1990 – 92).
Inner Journey Bookstore, El Cajon, owned by Larry Barnes (1993).
Myztic Isle Healing Center, owned by Leslie Monahan and Wendi Futrell (1994-2001).
Pathways, in Rancho San Diego owned by Carol Ruiz (2002).
Katherine Torres Center, Spring Valley (2003).
Myztic Isle Bookstore, owned by Joanne Lakin (2007-2016).
My nursing background:  I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse at Grossmont Hospital.
La Jolla Preventative Medicine Clinic.

Alternative Healing Training:

Foot Reflexology
Jin Shin Jytsu – An ancient oriental art for harmonizing the Body/Mind
Laying on of Hands Healing methods
Meditation techniques
Oracle Reading
Energy Medicine
Native American Healing techniques
Andean Shamanism
Traditional Reiki
Non Traditional Shamanic Reiki
Goddess Teachings

I became a Reiki healer in 1994. I am a traditional and a nontraditional Reiki Master/Teacher. I have studied many healing methods and have fallen in love with Reiki. I am a Shamanic Practitioner, which means that I use Shamanic tools and wisdom in my Readings and Healing practice. Through my clairvoyant ability, I am able to travel in non-ordinary realities, communicating with your Guides to help you understand and work with the life path you have chosen before you were born.
I have worked with the Ancient Woman’s Mysteries for many years. I have studied with Katherine Torres. My private monthly classes called Path of the Rose will anchor your Soul wisdom to your modern daily life. There is a collective movement happening deep within many of us that is calling us to reclaim and remember ancient lineages of sacred Woman’s Wisdom and bring them forward in new ways. The Divine Feminine is now making Herself known in every aspect of our lives. Our job as Women is to reclaim that sacred power that we possessed in ancient days, so that we can work for the betterment of the World and our own Soul’s Evolution.
Many of you have forgotten that you volunteered to live your life. My job is to help you remember to claim your Feminine Power and help Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Your memories will return and you will remember why you chose your life path.