Path of The Rose

Path Of The Rose

Private monthly class

Empowerment Training For the Feminine Spirit
Reclaim the Magic of Goddess Wisdom
Take a journey into a deeper understanding of yourself
A Woman’s path to finding a meaningful spiritual life

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Sacred Feminine Studies

Investment ~ $100.00 per month
Each month you receive:
Intuitive counseling.
Shamanic Reiki, Chakra cleansing and Gemstone healing.
A written manual to help you integrate the Goddess wisdom into your modern life.

I have worked with the Ancient Woman’s Mysteries for many years. My private monthly classes called Path of the Rose will anchor your Soul wisdom to your modern daily life. There is a collective movement happening deep within many of us that is calling us to reclaim and remember ancient lineages of sacred Woman’s Wisdom, bringing them forward in new ways. The Divine Feminine is now making Herself known in every aspect of our lives. Our job as Women is to reclaim that sacred power that we possessed in ancient days, so that we may work for the betterment of the World and our own Soul’s Evolution.  Many of you have forgotten that you volunteered to live your life. My job is to help you remember to claim your Feminine Power and help Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Your memories will return and you will remember why you chose your life path.


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Rose Path Life Crafting
The Divine Feminine Light Workers Path

The Rose represents the Soul and is an ancient symbol of walking the Spiritual Mystical  Path with the Feminine side of God, “Great Mother Goddess.”  The Goddess has many divine archetypes brought to life through many cultures.  The symbol of the Rose carries a high vibration of universal love and wisdom and is the undisputed queen of all flowers. The Rose is the vision carrier of your dreams.  I also am a “Vision Carrier” and will help you along your path by holding your dreams for you, allowing them to incubate and grow into maturity. Each petal brings you awareness of the wisdom and understanding of the many pathways your Soul has chosen to learn from. This sacred flower represents womanhood in all of its stages. It epitomizes in its thorns and flowers the essence of life with its struggles and beauty. Facing the thorny aspects of life is part of the Rose Path. Integration and understanding of the polarities that you live under is Mother Goddesses Work. The thorns also speak of Her protection as you walk the road of your earthly purpose. When you blossom into an open rose by accepting your divinity as Her daughter, you will consciously birth this divine energy into your daily life.

The feminine Side Of God is the pattern keeper for your Soul. Their are many ways to understand Mother Goddesses teachings. She comes in many forms to teach and guide us. She will help you call back your natural intuitive abilities and awaken the Ancient Priestess that you have been in other times. You will then integrate that wise part of yourself into your your modern world. You will learn to be a healer of yourself and others through the Goddess Pathways. Know Thyself is the highest form of learning and will increase your awareness of unseen realities that help shape your own reality. You will gain courage and insight about your life path through walking with one of the 13 Celtic Moon Mothers each month, in my interpretation of the wisdom of ancient teachings of Avalon.

Avalon boat jpgA Priestess is an agent of change

This is a very powerful and dynamic growing time for both individuals  and the planet. We have a chance now to bring our ancient wisdom into the modern world. It is an exciting time of change. Mysticism and spirituality are melding with psychology, physics, biology, engineering and other sciences. New sources of energy and new methods of healing surface everyday. All of these inspire greater interest in things beyond the five senses. The Goddess is part of that change. She takes her place once again to establish balance.

By birthing Ancient Priestess consciousness into your Body, Mind and Soul, you will become a balanced vision carrier. Jean Shinoda Bolen says – “To make a dream come true, one must have a dream, believe in it, and work toward it. Often it is essential that another significant person believe that the dream is possible: that person is a Vision Carrier, whose faith is often crucial.”

By bringing the light of the Great Mother into all areas of your life, you will contribute to the world in your own personal way. Women have always been the peacemakers. Remembering that you are made in Her image will help anchor the energy of peace into your personal life and into humanity.

All of you have had many life times as priestesses and wise women of indigenous cultures. By building a bridge to those spaces in your consciousness once again, you walk the mystical path with modern worldly feet. The goal of the Path of the Rose is to bring ancient teachings into usable forms that will serve your life in a constructive way. By shinning Her Light into your Heart, you have a chance once again to find the wisdom, power and majesty you once embraced. By awakening the Inner Priestess, you will find deep healing and self love.

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