Mystical Shamanic Reiki Healing Treatments

 Prior to the healing session, you must have had at least a one hour session of Intuitive Counseling with me, so that you and I may determine if my Healing System is appropriate for your needs.
2 Hours ~ $100.00


Me & MarenReiki Infused Gemstone Therapy
Chakra Cleansing
Multidimensional Healing
Karmic Healing
Life Path Awakening
Higher Consciousness Awakening
Physical Healing and Purification
Relaxation and Mental clarity
Emotional Healing

The first hour of my healing session with you, we focus on intuitive counseling to uncover any blockages in your subconscious. You and I may discover past life blockages or blockages from this lifetime that may be hindering your growth. This process will clear your mind, preparing your chakras to accept healing.

We then do Fire Ceremony, which helps to further clear and open up the Chakrasmaren

Chakra cleansing is done with my Shamanic tools, which includes my drum, bells, crystal bowl, rattles and feathers. I then add the Reiki Infused Gemstones to each of your chakras which further cleanses your Auric Field and your Chakra energy centers.

The laying on of stones is an ancient art of healing. Stones are the bones of Mother Earth and assist you in grounding, clearing, balancing and healing the energy centers of your Body, Mind and Soul.

Gemstones contain the Light that nourishes you with the Universal Life Force of Reiki and Mother Earth’s Healing Energies. They help cleanse and dissolve blockages in your Chakras and your Auric energy field, so that you experience joy, vitality and vibrant health.

While you lay fully clothed on my massage table I will guide you into a deep states of meditation that will help clear the blockages we have discovered with the intuitive counseling.

I then call on our (your Guides and mine) Ancestors, Guides, Angels and Spirit Animal Teachers to assist us. I travel in non~physical realms to bring back the healing needed for you and the life you were born to live.

the drum