Psychic Readings


Intuitive Readings and Soul Centered Guidance

Your Soul has chosen to come to this beautiful planet. You have the perfect body that reflects your life lessons. Like a spider weaves her web, so do you weave your web of conscious and unconscious threads to connect the many experiences you need to learn to weave your soul’s life path.

Through my intuitive abilities I am able to see, feel and hear the map of guidance you were born with. Your map carries many possible directions that you may seek to learn from. My job as an intuitive is to be grounded to Mother Earth, so that my guidance will help you walk your path with practical feet. You and I decide together if your present reality is creating the lifestyle that fulfills your needs.

Earth is a free will zone, it is so important to know that!!! The guidance you are given day after day in your dreams and in your own intuitive knowing is a very important navigational system. I help you channel your own knowing into your conscious awareness. Many times we all repress our true needs. I use an oracle that allows you to see what you are truly feeling. By acknowledging your true feelings you can let go, or change your view. This process releases energy to help you creates those changes with harmony.