Past Life Readings

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Past Life Readings ~ Soul Centered Guidance
Reincarnation Exploration

I started my intuitive consulting practice in 1980. My own personal practice led me to explore ways to deepen my understanding of why people choose their life path directions.  I studied Reincarnation and I began to connect my clients to their other lives.  By doing this I could see the healing that was needed.  Who we have been in other lifetimes helps us to shape the life gifts and lessons we are working with today.

By working with the Shamanic perspective of the world we understand that everything is connected — Mind, Body and Soul.  Our Spirit and the Creator are one as well.  The way we think about things, the way we treat ourselves, and where we spend our time is all connected. An imbalance in any area has a spiritual component. The true work of a lifetime is the ability to learn how to change your thoughts, your attitudes and your belief systems by expanding your view of your life.

Our point of power is always in the present moment. We can create and are creating ourselves in every moment. We are not trapped by a difficult past life anymore than we are by a difficult childhood. Fate is simply the result of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, change those and our fate also changes.

If you want to know your past life,
look into your present condition;
If you want to know your future life,
look at your present actions.