Mystical Shamanic Reiki Training


Mystical Shamanic Reiki Practitioner Training

Become a Independent Mystical Shamanic Reiki Master / Teacher
Private Classes customized to your needs
12 Month Course

  Monthly Class (3 Hours)
$100 / each month

Walk the Spiritual Path with Grounded Feet
Use your Active Imagination to heal all aspects of your life

Included with each private class teachings:
A written manual each month to help you integrate the lesson information into your daily life.
An Intuitive Reading to assist with any problems that you may be experiencing.
You will receive Shamanic Reiki Healing, Chakra Cleansing & Gemstone Therapy

The first 6 months prepares you to learn Shamanic Reiki, through understanding the energetic universe we all live in. You will learn to meditate and get to know your own Soul. There are many subjects that I work with to help you understand why Shamanic Reiki will become a very important empowering personal practice. The manual I have written for each month will help you understand and integrate the Reiki Shamanic Teachings into your Life Path.

There are many ways to learn Reiki. My style combines Reiki with the Inner Shamanic Worlds. I have found very unique ways to help you heal and understand yourself and others. Through working with these teachings, you will learn lots of ways to work with Reiki for yourself and others. You will also learn how to consciously use this dynamic energy to enhance your own Soul’s evolution. The lessons will help you learn your Soul’s Anatomy by using your active imagination. You will learn to be grounded and experience Soulful ways to meditate and integrate Reiki into your everyday life.

Subjects you will be introduced to in the first six Months of Reiki Training:

Connecting to your Soul
Animal Spirit teachers
Your Soul’s Protective Auric Egg & your Luminous Energies Field
Soul Centering Body whispering – Grounding and Protective techniques
Mindfulness Chakra affirmations and Breathing Meditation
You will learn to work with your Active Imagination
Building a Sacred Inner Garden
Crystals and Gemstones for healing & Chakra wisdom
Inner Male and Female and Inner Child understanding
Working with Serpent “Kundalini” Energies in a safe and intelligent way


What are Shamanic Reiki Initiation Attunement’s

Reiki is not a skill based practice as, for example yoga is. Reiki is an empowered initiation-based practice. The Reiki Attunement process enables you to permanently open and connect to the Universal Life Force Energies on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Soul levels. It also clears and balances the many important energy channels within your own body. Each Attunement received opens up to higher levels of healing and understanding of Universal Spirituality. The most important reason to learn and practice Reiki is because I want you to work on yourself everyday. Many of you give so much to others that you have nothing left for yourself. Reiki will fill you up with loving healing Universal Energy. Reiki also keeps you from depleting your own energies when you live and work with others.

The Reiki initiation is the very life breath of Reiki practice. I use sacred symbols, hand movements, chants and breath to initiate and awaken. I have developed the Inner World Initiation Attunement Meditation Journey that anchors you to the invisible worlds of your own Soul. Through a guided journey, I take you to the Reiki Temple of Light found on the Spiritual planes, where you will meet and be attuned by the Reiki Masters and your own Guides and Spirit Animal Teachers.

The last six months:

Three Degrees of Shamanic Reiki Training You will earn certificates at each level and at the end of the six months
you will become a Shamanic Reiki Master.


First Degree Shamanic Reiki Training
Initiation Attunement
7th & 8th month

Shamanic Reiki at First Degree attunes and sensitizes you to begin working with Spiritual Conscious Life Force Energies for the purposes of healing, learning and growth. Though the Attunement Ceremony you become connected to a lineage of Reiki Masters tracing back to the original Grandmaster, Dr. Mikao Usui. You will learn Reiki history and hand positions for healing yourself and others. This level is so important for personal healing. You will be instructed in daily self Reiki care. Through the Inner World Journey, you will be introduced to the Reiki Temple of Light and the wonderful Reiki Masters. Through my clairvoyant skills, I will find your Spirit Animal Teacher. Your Spirit Animal will lead me to find pictures that represent how the animal wants you to see him or her. Your Animal will give me information on how she/he will guide your Reiki healing work. You will learn to do treatments on yourself everyday. Though self Reiki healing you will build a structured habit that your Mind, Body and Soul will love. You will also be able to work on others.

pasted-imageSecond Degree Shamanic Reiki Training
Initiation Attunement
9th & 10th month

In Second Degree Reiki your Bodies pathways are opened up completely and filled with Universal Life Force. The amount of energy you will channel will increase. I will introduce you to your personal Guide. You will learn how to use the Sacred Reiki Symbols to increase your healing power. These symbols will help you to heal your mind, and your your emotions, clear and heal karma and transcend time and space. You will learn to use the symbols as dimensional doorways to send healing across all time barriers. You will also learn to connect to the many selves that you have lived and to send healing to those lifetimes.

Third Degree Shamanic Reiki Master Training Initiation Attunement
The Shamanic Healing Path to Dragon Wisdom
11th and 12th Month


Becoming a Reiki Master does not mean that you must teach and Attune others, unless you desire to do so. This level of Reiki is used to build stronger power, strength and endurance into your Body, Mind and Soul. Being a Shamanic Reiki Master will help to increase your personal growth, transformation and enlightenment, so you may serve the needs of yourself, your community and the world. You will be introduced to the healing powers of the Dragon Realms. I have worked with Spirit Dragons for 35 years. I will find and introduce you to your own Dragon Spirit Teacher. This level of Reiki teaches you how to guide others into the Shamanic realms and give the Reiki Attunement’s. I will teach you the ceremonies and the Inner World Contacts that help you build a stronger connection to the Inner worlds. By using the sacred master symbol and the the energies of Shamanic Reiki, we build into your life, Dragon pathways to help you connect to this magical realm. You will receive your special Pi Stone that will help you anchor all of 12 months of training.